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Goose and Duck Feast
60g Terrine of Foie gras with blueberries, served with emulsion of forest fruit  
100g Baked paté from duck livers with cranberries  and smoked duck breasts cut on thin slices with arugula 
100g Duck Rillettes with onion Chutney – paté from duck legs with meat pieces and onion compote
100g Bread toast with goose grease and onion
120g Homemade potato pancake filled with roasted duck livers
0,25l Duck soup with noodles, meat and julienne vegetable
0,25l Duck soup with liver gnocchi and vegetables 
Main dishes:
150g Duck liver roasted with onion
180g Grilled and thin cut duck breasts
300g Confited duck leg on oranges, apples and onion
1/4 Roasted duck with rosemary and thyme 
390g Goose leg slow roasted with rosemary
150g Confited goose breasts on sage
Side dishes:
100g/1pc Homemade potato pancake 
150g Roll dumpling 
100g Liver filling 
150g Chestnut-potato roll
150g Braised red cabbage           
150g Braised white cabbage           
150g Fried sauerkraut      
150ml Mushroom sauce 
150ml Sauce from forest fruits 
150ml Rosehip sauce
150ml Goose fried fat
100g Pancake with poppy-seed and plum jam
100g Autumn pear cake 

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